Download the form

Click here to download the 2024 Excel form.

Does your school use SIMS?

The SIMS Census application is quick and easy to use.

Click here for further information.


Excel Quickstart guide

Click here to download the Quickstart document in PDF format. Further details on all steps of the process can be found in the Excel guidance on the right of this page.

Before completing the Census

  1. Ensure all data is up to date
  2. Download the 2024 Census Form
  3. Rename the file
  4. Open the spreadsheet and read the introduction page

While completing the Census

  1. Refer to the census questions section in the guidance for help with every question
  2. Print the form at any stage of the completion process
  3. If the answer to a question is not available, save the form and come back later
  4. Refer to the help information in hover-overs, indicated by a little red arrow next to the question number

After completing the Census

Go to the 'Validation' tab and ensure that no discrepancies have been detected

At the bottom of page 5 there are four boxes that must be ticked to confirm that:

  1. The form has been re-named correctly
  2. All relevant questions have been answered
  3. Answers have been validated by checking the validation sheet
  4. The headteacher/principal has signed off the form

When all the boxes have been checked: upload the completed form.


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