SIMS Quickstart guide

Click here to download the Quickstart document in PDF format. Further details on all steps of the process can be found in the SIMS guidance on the right of this page.

Before completing the Census

  1. Ensure that all data in the modules is up to date
  2. Check that CES lookups have been assigned. To maintain lookups go to
    Tools->Statutory Return Tools->Update CES Census Lookups
  3. Set up a folder in which to save the files
  4. Ensure that everything is ready by doing a dry run

Completing the Census

  1. Go to Routines->Statutory returns->Schools CES Census
  2. Click 'New' to start a Census return
  3. Complete Panel 2 (School Information) and click on 'Calculate All Details'
  4. Check figures in all remaining panels and correct any errors
  5. Refer to hover-over help information
  6. Save the census at frequent intervals
  7. When you have finished, click on 'Create & validate'. Errors and warnings will be displayed.
  8. Click on 'Summary Report' and check every answer
  9. If further changes are needed return to step 6
  10. When checking has been completed to the satisfaction of the head teacher, click on 'authorise'

Checking the Census

You should check all of the information in your Census report. The following errors are often caused by set-up problems in SIMS:

  • Zero or very low numbers of Catholic pupils
  • Zero Catholic teachers
  • Zero Catholic support staff

If your report shows any of the above then you may need to adjust your SIMS lookup tables. Please call the Census helpdesk if you need assistance. (more...)

Upload the XML file

Your Census return created several files with CES in the middle of their filenames. Typical filenames are:


Please submit the file with the extension .xml (the one without '_report' at the end of the name).

If you cannot remember the exact location of the folder containing these files, you can find it in SIMS by going to Routines | Statutory Returns | Schools CES Census and looking for the CES Census Folder field at the top of the screen (you may need to click the Browse button to see it).


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