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Patch 23611


Unfortunately, an error has been identified with the reporting of non-Catholic pupil religions. This error is corrected with patch 23611. The error occurs when there are extra lookup codes for a religion category. For instance, if the lookup of Baptist is created with the category of Christian, only pupils with the lookup code Christian will be counted. Baptist will not be counted.

If your school has access to SOLUS 3 please call your SIMS helpdesk and ask for access to the patch. If you are unsure of the contact details for your helpdesk ring 0844 893 8000 or email

If your school does not have access to SOLUS 3 download the attached file and unzip it to your desktop. It contains the patch files and a pdf document with instructions on how to apply the patch with DBUpgrade.

There may be religion codes that have not been mapped to a religion category. This results in missing religion being reported (error F1014). Therefore, when you have applied the patch please follow these steps:

1. Open Tools | Lookups | Maintain and select Home Religion as the lookup type.

2. Ensure that each Active religion code has an appropriate religion category, e.g. a code for Church of England should have a category of CH (Christian).

The totals of non-Catholic pupils by year group (questions 52 – 119, columns 3 and 4) should now be the same as the breakdown of non-Catholic pupils religions (120 – 129).


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